Евангелска Баптиска Цьрква - Петрич  Български

We are twinned with Petrich Baptist Church in SW Bulgaria, near the Greek border. Petrich BC are led by Todor and Petya Zarev.

After many years of working with their local gypsy community and
seeking to welcome them in the church, Petrich are seeing significant growth, with meetings every day during Christmas week, a showing of the Jesus Film, and 13 people committing their lives to Jesus, 8 of them  on Sunday 26th December 2010. Our pastor and members of our church went out to help with the river baptisms during May 2011. Praise God for this time of harvest, which is based on solid long term commitment in the community and sacrificial service to wholistic ministry amongst the gypsy community. Please pray that the seed sown will result in lasting growth in the church as they disciple the young Christians.

We also have a personal link with Teddy and Didi Oprenov, who lead Sofia Baptist Church in Bulgaria's capital city.