Our Values

Who are we meant to BE? Our values can be found in the Baptist Union's Five Core Values for a Gospel People.

We are called to be a Prophetic community

Following Jesus in:
Confronting evil, injustice, and hypocrisy.
Challenging worldly concepts of power, wealth, status and security.

We are called to be an Inclusive community

Following Jesus in:
Transcending barriers of gender, language, race, class, age and culture.
Identifying with those who are rejected, deprived and powerless.

We are called to be a Sacrificial community

Following Jesus in:
Accepting vulnerability and the necessity of sacrifice.
Seeking to reflect the generous life-giving nature of God.

We are called to be a Missionary community

Following Jesus in:
Demonstrating in word and action God's forgiving and healing love.
Calling and enabling people to experience the love of God for themselves.

We are called to be a Worshipping community

Following Jesus in:
Exploring and expressing what it means to live together as the people of God, obeying his Word and following Christ in the whole of daily life.