The church is governed by our members, through a bimonthly church members meeting, and they appoint a team of deacons chaired by our pastor. We are not a democracy but our members meet together to try and discover God's leading, and then follow it.

Pastor - Ian Thorpe was inducted as our Pastor in February 2019

Church Secretary - Tony Fairhead, recently retired from working in banking, has been the church secretary since the spring of 2002. He is responsible for the oversight of church administration, and works closely with the pastor. He is married to Rachel.

Andrew Chadwick - joined the team in March 2007. He is an accredited local preacher, our Fair Trade and Justice champion and Missions Secretary. He is married to Debbie. 

Alan Warner - deals with fabric at the Church and Manse and has been involved with the Bulgaria link.

Liz Thurgood - a deacon since 2014. Liz has been a Sunday school teacher and is a whizz with computers, and desktop publishing. She is married to Keith.

Anita Hicks - re-joined the diaconate in March 2019, having served previously.

John Stones - joined the diaconate in March 2019