What we think we are here for...

  • Who are we meant to BE?
  • What are we here FOR?
  • HOW do we DO that?

We found the answer to the first question by studying the Baptist Union booklet, "Five Core Values for a Gospel People".

The second question resulted in our mission statement, to help focus our minds on what we are supposed to be about. Everyone was involved in putting this together and it wasn't easy!

The Mission Statement of Wimborne Baptist Church

To love and worship God 
To love and serve one another, our local neighbourhood, and the wider world
To live and speak the good news of Jesus Christ, so that others become his disciples

But all this means nothing unless we can do something to make ourselves and this world we live in more like the way God intended it to be in the first place. Some of this site is quite light hearted - but this is the serious bit - what we are really about. It is being worked out in practice, in our Vision Statement revised during 2014.